Date: 2019-03-12


Dear myhive community,

during Lent, a healthy diet and the renunciation of minor sins are the order of the day. Here we have summarized a few promotions of ANKER, which certainly support one or two fasting goals.

The delicious Anker-Urspitz is now available:

The 6 valuable original cereal varieties give this roll a unique nutty aroma. The special taste results from the loving combination of einkorn, wild emmer, secale multicaule, khorasan, Fisser imperial barley, Bauländer Spelz, spelt shoots, ancient grain leaven and a fine spice mixture. It consists of purely vegetable raw materials and is free of soya, palm oil and lactose.

It is still in action until March 24 (3 pcs. for 2 Euro instead of 2,80 Euro).

In March, the bread of the month is the "wholemeal Kraftlackl".

Strong in taste and sprinkled with rye flour, it is made as sourdough bread from rye flour, without milk/lactose and without wheat and is also vegan1

It is in March at the action price of 2,40 euro instead of 3,19 euro available.

With this healthy selection the renouncement of unhealthy falls to us equal much more easily:

Your Community Manager
Julia Dobbler

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