With your new myhive app.

The new myhive App

All our services delivered with a click

The myhive-offices app – a practical tool with plenty of benefits that lets you make the most of everyday life at your myhive office location!

The myhive-offices app provides you with the most relevant and up-to- date information about your office, as well as the latest news from your office and community and offers easy communication with professionals from other companies at your myhive location. You’ll never miss out on an event or any essential information and, no matter what you need, you’ll be able to reach us and our technicians and specialists faster than ever before.

All this in one “digital place” – your myhive-offices app. Now available to download from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

All features of the myhive app

Get excited for a new level in terms of service, information and connection – welcome to the myhive App!

Services & News

News about offices and community on your location.

Community Management

Networking within the entire myhive building.

Events & Specials

Monthly after works, Keynote speeches and many other exclusive offers for our tenants.

Food & Infrastructure on Location

Offers and vouchers for restaurants und daily services.


Easy registration for all myhive events and offers. Fast accessibility to service technicians for all of your concerns.