The myhive offer:

all around service

The lobby area of the myhive offices is welcoming, friendly and lively. Cafés, restaurants and comfortable seating make the lobby a place where people enjoy spending time, and proficient staff are available to assist tenants and visitors.
The receptionists in the myhive offices actively cater to the needs of tenants and visitors, whether they have questions or require services.
myhive offices are designed to create a feel-good atmosphere, both inside and outside the building. Lounge furniture, cafés and kiosks encourage people to spend more time in the fresh air.
myhive offices differ from other office buildings right from the point of entry. Outside seating, covered smoking areas and kiosks enliven the forecourts.
Thanks to the diverse culinary offering, there is no risk of a canteen feeling in the myhive offices. A lively mix of restaurants, kiosks, food trucks and cafés encourages people to linger, have fun and exchange ideas with one another, whatever the time of day.
Finding the way quickly and easily is no problem in the myhive offices. Uniform signage at all locations takes tenants and visitors straight to their destination.
All myhive offices have parking facilities. E-Car docks, car sharing and car wash services are offered as standard.
All the myhive offices are easily accessible, either by public transport or shuttle buses. What’s more, car sharing and bike sharing services are also available.
myhive offices are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. From the ventilation system to the elevators, everything is geared to comfort and cost efficiency.
The asset managers of the myhive offices see themselves as hosts. They assist the tenants in all matters and ensure active dialogue and a welcoming atmosphere.
The myhive offices are taken care of by proficient facility managers. They ensure regular inspection and maintenance of the building and facilities and provide swift and proficient assistance in every case as a matter of course.
Efficient property management is a high priority in the myhive offices. All the offices boast friendly staff and straightforward accounting of management costs.
Trained staff discreetly ensure security in the myhive offices.

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myhive redefines working life and creates space for successful companies. Thanks to a concept that meets all possible requirements and a feel-good ambience, 16 myhive offices are currently setting new standards in 5 Countries.