Spring Coming in myhive

From 1st of March to the 8th, in myhive lounge we celebrated Spring coming!

Massage pop-up in myhive

I prepared for the myhive community a new expert breakfast about the benefits of the massage, where the community could…

Relaxing moments

While waiting for the holidays, we created for the myhive community a moment of relaxation.

Halloween party

Halloween came this year in the myhive community on a Friday, when the weekend has just began.

Smart devices are an exposure of our privacy

In September we held a new Expert breakfast on a theme proposed by a member of the myhive community: ARE THE…

After Work Party

We felt the summer vibes at the myhive After work event…

Expert Breakfast blockchain and bitcoin

How will the blockchain and bitcoin change the economy and society of the future?

myhive championship of bowling and billiards

Games and fun with colleagues at the Bowling and billiard myhive Championship.

Blood donation

The myhive community donated blood to people whose life depended on such a small gesture.

Workshop about Hair Care

All the answers for scalp or hair problems have been found in the workshop dedicated to hair care.

Apiculture workshop

Why should we treat bees as our best friends? Maybe because they polinaze a thrid of everything that we eat.

Test driving for myhive community

5 days of test driving and many more surprises.

Social responsability in myhive community

A united community can always make changes.

myhive Spring Fair

Spring vibes in all our myhive community.

Getting stronger workshop

Mornings may be different in myhive.

Innovation for myhive community

Yesterday, in myhive Metroffice, we launched the innovative car sharing concept that redefines mobility, called the…

Healthy skin workshop

Beauty Shot, the beauty salon in myhive Metroffice not only hosted the first community-based workshop but brought two…

myhive Christmas Fair

We brought season flavors closer to each myhive community member

The new myhive-offices App

The new myhive-offices App Our Services made easier! The myhive-offices App – a practical Service with a multitude…

myhive events icebreaking in Metroffice building

The event took place on the 7th of November 2017 and it gathered over 300 persons in just 2 hours.

myhive Romania Facebook page

For being more near to you all, we have launched our Facebook page myhive Romania.

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